About Me

In another life I was an indian guide, advising resourceful pioneers.

A little about me:  I’m a straight-shooter—in the country western, as-the-crow-flies sense of the word.

I’m a guy who genuinely loves getting to work with go-getters, positioning brands, building processes, and helping small businesses get it together. My background is in strategic positioning, professional writing, rhetoric, branding, and web design.

As an independent contractor, I get hired by project or on retainer to provide honest assessment and produce insightful plans of action. And if the project is a good fit, I spearhead strategic initiatives or design and build collateral myself.

Here are some things I’ve made:  I completely rebranded this personalization business and built them a new website;  Wrote this fundraising video script and this introspective bio, Built this photography website, and this florist website;  Rebranded a sanitation startup and used biting humor to develop effective brand guidelines;  Created these logo marks and this sales brochure for an automotive startup.  I built this cotillion company for my mom (and help run it).  I co-own a local concierge business on a vacation lake with my brother. I also wrote the screenplay for this full-length, award-winning action sports film.

So, should we work together?  Perhaps.

Are you ambitious yet realistic?
Does your organization track or value long-term results?
Do you have a pretty good thing going but just need an edge?

Great, here’s where I stand.  I offer an unusually wide range of services (at or exceeding agency quality) at highly competitive rates.  And when I’m in your corner, I’m all in.  You get my best and nothing less.

Consequently, I expect high-caliber clients: prompt, professional, respectful, and thoughtful individuals & organizations.

If that’s you and if you would like to work together, please be courteous, and I’ll promise the same. It’s really my only rule. I can also promise that if you respect my time and trust my idiosyncrasies, you can expect exceptional results.

For fee-based projects, I require 50% up front. When consulting hourly or on retainer, I guarantee your full satisfaction and do not require payment unless you receive exactly that.

Most folks reach out to me via the contact form below.
You can also shoot me a message on LinkedIn.

Don’t be gun-shy!

Drop me a line and we’ll talk.

My Rates

Please inquire about pro bono eligibility and retainer rates


per hour

Consulting Sessions

Every project I undertake begins with a 1-2 hour consultation via Skype or in person, pending travel costs.

I offer a discounted rate of $85 per hour for nonprofits and organizations designed to do social good.


starting from

Deep Identity Branding

  • Naming
  • Tagline(s)
  • Brand Mark(s)
  • Logo Redesign
  • Color Palette
  • Typefaces
  • Design Motifs
  • Brand Language
  • Core Messaging
  • Personality & Voice


per page

Writing Services

  • Full Site Rewrites
  • Press Releases
  • About Sections
  • Social Media Bios
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Long-form Content
  • Responsive Email Content
  • Explainer Video Scripts
  • Screenplay Screenwriting
  • Speeches & Presentations
  • Slideshows & Pitch Decks



Website Development

  • Market Research
  • User Profiling
  • Value Analysis
  • Narrative Structure
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
  • Formatting Typography
  • Iconography
  • Form Optimization

My time is valuable, both to me and to you, so I don’t give it away for free.


Patrick Conreaux

Patrick Conreaux

VP, Creative at IMG LIVE

“I had the pleasure of working with Clifton on the relaunch of our flower shop’s website. Clifton not only proved to be a passionate and dedicated student of his craft, he dove deep to understand the heart of our business purpose and culture. From a technical standpoint, he recommended a platform that was easy for us to manage and grow while going above and beyond to create easy tutorials that were form fitted to our questions and needs.

His process was both well organized and intuitive which helped protect our scope of work and guide the project to flow efficiently. Strategically, he proved his storytelling chops by helping architect the narrative of our content from start to finish. From messaging to conversion points, we found his guidance to be on point and well thought out. Most importantly, he was able to connect the dots along the way, reinforcing how our agreed upon strategy was being applied to every content and design decision. Smart. Efficient. Dedicated. Two thumbs up!”

Jamie Graff

Jamie Graff

Owner & Founder, Remedy Films

“Clifton and I have worked together on several projects over the years. He has an innate ability to relate and understand a myriad of industries. He always seeks the why before the how on projects, which has been extremely valuable in developing powerful scripting and messaging on our projects. He goes above and beyond with everything he touches.”

emily woods

Emily Woods

CTO & Co-founder, Sanivation LLC

“Clifton was contracted for all of our re-branding efforts this past year for our sanitation start-up in Kenya. In a period of just a few months, he delved into the essence of what our company is and how to convey that to people. He created a brand that is beautiful and expresses the ideals of what Sanivation stands for. In just these few months, he also created a variety of needed document templates for internal use, while teaching us what branding is and how best to use these new templates. Clifton did incredible work in a short time and I would recommend him and his skills to any company looking to re-brand.”

Lauren Brubaker

Lauren Brubaker

VP, WordClaim Global Claims Management

“Clifton is a brilliant strategist, wordsmith, marketer, and communicator. He quickly understands objectives and then immediately provides crucial insights, value, and direction. Whether he is working on my annual kickoff presentations or developing brand messaging, he always takes my scattered thoughts, turns them into a specific project scope, and then guides my team to achieve our goal. He’s a creative powerhouse who would be a true asset to any brand.”

amelia herb

Amelia Herb

Owner, Tangerine Dreams Salon

“We felt Clifton truly understood our needs as a unique business. He placed himself in our clients’ shoes and made our services clear and concise. His competitive intelligence in this market has made it obvious that choosing him was the best decision we could have made.”

Jeff Knapp

Jeff Knapp

President, IRON and FIRE

“Clifton is a brilliant wordsmith and an extremely valuable asset in any situation where strategy and forward thinking are essential. He has helped IRON and FIRE in more ways than I can comment on here.

From full copywriting services to web development and strategy consulting, Clifton has practically been a one stop shop for many of our critical needs. He has a no nonsense style and has helped immensely in bringing into view many of our internal and external blind spots. One of the greatest benefits I have found in working with him is in his ability to tell me hard things in ways that encourage me. Another great attribute is his unique way of seeing culture, business, and service. We haven’t always agreed on final decisions, but he has always helped me to see how those decisions will affect our brand.

Clifton is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and always improving. Lastly, he has never failed, in my experiences with him, to under promise and over deliver.”

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

Managing Partner, Insight Performance Partners

“Clifton spearheaded the recent overhaul of the website for SoundLab Music Studios. His work improved the look, feel, and client experience of our website, which helped reinforce the SoundLab premium brand at the initial point of contact.

As valuable as these revisions were to our business efforts, we gained even more from his insights into the true purpose of our website. For SoundLab, this was to establish an immediate dialogue with new prospects, versus allowing them to gain partial information about our capabilities without ever talking to our team. The new website accomplishes this call to action very well, and client contacts to discuss needs and possibilities are up measurably since redesign.

I would recommend Clifton for both social media and marketing strategy consulting.”

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